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We abide strictly by our cancellation policies. therefore we suggest you purchase travel insurance, please read our rental policies.


All members of my party understand and agree to the RENTAL POLICIES and will hold Taos Getaway, LLC, Owners of the property and their Agents harmless for any loss, injury, expense, damage, or claims resulting during their stay at the contracted property. All members of my party will read "SPA RULES", which are posted in all homes with hot tubs and will contact Taos Getaway if there is any problem with the quality of the hot tub water. I understand that some people can have adverse reactions to chlorine or bromide used in the tubs, including, but not limited to skin rashes.

If contracted property becomes unavailable for any reason, Taos Getaway, LLC will do what ever is possible to move my party to an equal or upgraded property for the same contracted rental price. PLEASE DIGITALLY SIGN BELOW TO BOOK A PROPERTY

This is a secure web page, however due to all the hacking for information and fraudulent activity, Taos Getaway, LLC has elected not to take payment information over the internet. After filling out the this registration form, if you could please call us and we will take your information verbally. Taos Getaway, 575-758-7951 home / office 575-770-3307 cell. I HAVE READ THE RENTAL POLICIES AND AGREE TO THE ABOVE TERMS AND ALSO AGREE THAT MY DIGITAL SIGNATURE IS LEGAL AND BINDING.

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